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Ashtamangalyam Set - Plate size 16 cm

Ashtamangalyam Set - Plate size 16 cm

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The Ashtamangalyam set is a collection of eight auspicious items used in Kerala, India, particularly in Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals. Literally translating to "eight auspicious things," the set holds cultural and religious significance for Malayali Hindus.

The exact composition of an Ashtamangalyam set can vary slightly depending on family traditions and regional customs, but eight core items are generally included

  1. Nilavilakku: The traditional Kerala lamp, often made of brass. It's believed to bring prosperity and well-being. Its warm glow symbolizes the divine presence.
  2. Kindi: A water pot used in puja ceremonies, often made of brass. It's seen as a vessel of purity.
  3. Urili: A shallow, round vessel traditionally used for storing rice.
  4. Ezhupara: A small measuring cup with a spout, used for rice or other offerings.
  5. Vadhyam: A mirror, typically made of metal.
  6. Kaattu (Kajal): A small container for holding kohl (eyeliner) typically used during puja.
  7. Kumkum: A red powder used to make a dot on the forehead as a symbol of auspiciousness.
  8. A Aranmula Kannadi: A unique, round mirror made in the village of Aranmula, especially sought after for Ashtamangalyam sets.

Significance of the Ashtamangalyam Set:

  • The eight items in the Ashtamangalyam set represent various aspects of a happy and prosperous life, including health, wealth, fertility, and knowledge.
  • The brass material is considered auspicious and believed to have sattvic qualities (pure and balanced).
  • The visual appeal of the arrangement is also important. The items are often arranged artistically to create a harmonious and vibrant display.

Uses of Ashtamangalyam Set:

  • The Ashtamangalyam set is used in various puja ceremonies and rituals throughout the year, especially during festivals and auspicious occasions like Vishu (the Malayalam New Year).
  • It is also displayed in homes as a way to attract positive energy and blessings.
  • Sometimes, a smaller version of the Ashtamangalyam set is given as a gift during weddings or other special events.

Overall, the Ashtamangalyam set is an integral part of Kerala's Hindu culture and traditions. It represents a rich blend of symbolism, religious beliefs, and artistic expression.

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