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Kerala Banana Chips (Pure coconut oil) Nendran Banana chips

Kerala Banana Chips (Pure coconut oil) Nendran Banana chips

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No preservatives.No artificial colours. Kerala banana chips are a popular and traditional snack from the southern state of Kerala in India. They are made from the locally available bananas, known as "Nendran" bananas or "Ethakka" in Malayalam, which are different from the regular dessert bananas commonly eaten raw.

The sliced bananas are then deep-fried in hot Coconut oil until they turn crispy and golden brown. The key to achieving the perfect Kerala banana chips lies in selecting the right type of bananas, slicing them thinly, and frying them at the right temperature.

Kerala banana chips are known for their unique flavor and texture. They are crispy, slightly sweet, and have a distinct banana taste. They are a favorite snack in Kerala and are often enjoyed with a cup of hot tea or coffee. 

Nutrition Facts:-



Units Results of Analysis as per 100g
Energy Kcal 521.68
Carbohydrate g 61.92
Protein g 4.24
Fat g 28.56
Sugar g BLQ


1 Serve = 100g
BLQ - Below Limit of Quantification
LOQ (Limit of Quantification) for Sugar = 2.0g/ 100g 

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