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Kerala Banana Chips 4 Cut 125 gms

Kerala Banana Chips 4 Cut 125 gms

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The tempting Kerala Banana Chips are made from unripe bananas and deep fried in coconut oil. Indulge in the authentic taste of Kerala with our handcrafted Banana Chips - 4 Cut. Sliced to perfection and deep-fried to a golden crisp, these chips capture the essence of traditional South Indian snacking.

Nutrition Facts:
Parameters                  Units                              Results of Analysis as per 100 g

Energy                         Kcal                               521.68
Carbohydrate             g                                      61.92
Protein                       g                                        4.24
Fat                              g                                      28.56
Sugar                         g                                     BLQ 

1 Serve=100g

BLQ Below Limit of Quantification

LOQ (Limit of Quantification) for Sugar=2.0/100g

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