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Chakka-Varatti or Jackfruit Preserve

Chakka-Varatti or Jackfruit Preserve

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CHAKKA VARATTI | JACKFRUIT PRESERVE is prepared using Ripe jackfruit, ghee and Jaggery in Kerala. This preserve is prepared in traditional way wherein the seasonal fruit is cooked till there is no moisture content. This preserve ensures that you get the taste and richness of jackfruit all year along.
This can be used to prepare Chakka Varatti Payasam or Ada. It can be used as jam or simply dig a spoon in it and enjoy.

We at Adukkalaonline are trying our best to retain our traditional roots by bringing to you such authentic cuisine which otherwise are nearly impossible for us to prepare at home due to dearth of time.

Recipe for Chakka Varatti pradhmam:

Take Chakka varatti in a pan. Add some jaggery powder in it (if required). Add thin coconut milk( extracted second time) and let it boil for some time till it reaches desire consistency. Keep on continuously stirring it. Once it reaches required consistency turn off the gas and remove the container from stove. Now add thick coconut milk and stir it. Dry some coconut small pieces and cashew nuts in ghee and top it on the payasam. Your yummy payasam is ready to serve. Enjoy and feel the bliss.


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