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Koova Podi/Arrow-root Powder : Naadan (100 gm)

Koova Podi/Arrow-root Powder : Naadan (100 gm)

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Koova Podi or Arrowroot powder is a starch obtained from Arrowroot roots. This powder is traditionally made in Kerala household by grandmothers during its season. The roots are thoroughly washed and is grounded well to make a fine paste. Then this paste is dried in sun which turns into fine powder. It is used in traditional households for its medicinal benefits. This podi does not have an expiry date if stored properly. Medicinal benefits are:
Cooling effect to stomach: If you have an upset stomach or burning sensation then take a teaspoon of the podi and mix with little water. Then turn on the gas and cook on low flame by continuously stirring it. Add some jaggery water for better taste. It will turn into a creamy texture. This is ready to be consumed.
This can be also be given to infants as porridge once in a day.
It is also said by elders at our home that ladies having issues of white discharge - Vaginal white discharge should consume this podi by adding a teaspoon of it in milk. While boiling milk add this podi and cook for some time.
It is also beneficial for pregnant women and expecting mothers.
We, South Indians, at the time of Thiruvathira/ thiruvathirai/ arudraa dharisanam I.e; autumn make this specially to get its health benefits. This is made by mixing this koova podi in water. Keep it aside. Now take another container and pour water in it. Once it starts boiling, add this mixture and stir continuously on low flame. Add some jaggery water and stir. Once this mixture thickens add loads of grated coconut and cardamom. Serve hot and enjoy the bliss of taste and Health.

Also you can also add it as thickening agent in soups or manchurian instead of cornflour. This will ensure that your kids and family members enjoy it without any tantrums.
We at strive hard to bring this traditional, local and authentic products to ensure that our traditional cuisines continue to live and passed on generation to generation. Our Koova podi is purchased locally from grandmas who still believe that health is the only wealth. Do order and enjoy the Bliss!!




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