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Sambhar Onion/ Small Red Onions / Shallots / Chuvannulli (250 gms)

Sambhar Onion/ Small Red Onions / Shallots / Chuvannulli (250 gms)

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The most common variety of shallots are similar in appearance to baby onions, but are more oval in shape, and often have a pair of smaller bulbs inside the brown skin. The flesh is usually pinker than that of brown skinned onions. The shallot is relative of the onion, and tastes a bit like an onion but has a sweeter, milder flavor.

Raw onions are a very valuable source of Vitamin-C. Along with other phytonutrients from onions, it helps to build white blood cells, which serves as a line of defense again illness. It is a source of many antioxidants. The most important one amongst them being Quercetin. The quercetin in Onions promotes production of good cholesterol and lowers total cholesterol in your body. The Sulphur in onion act as a blood thinner and prevents blood clotting too 

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