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Ellunda/Black Sesame Seed Balls/ Til Ladoo(pack of 10)

Ellunda/Black Sesame Seed Balls/ Til Ladoo(pack of 10)

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Back from office or children from school and your stomach is crying for something to munch on…. Try our black til laddus or seasme ladoos. It is definitely a yes over the maida products lying in your shelves which is loaded with sugar. We at Adukkalaonline team have been committed to provide the best snacks which will be beneficial for your health and also keep our traditional cuisines intact. These ladoos are made of black til and jaggery which is wholesome and has the nutty flavour due to the black til.

Black seasme or black til are good source of protein, calcium, omega 3, omega 6 and magnesium. The magnesium helps to prevent respiratory disorders. Handful of seasme seeds contain more calcium than glass of milk. The essential healthy fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 aids in hair growth. It is also found useful as anti ageing supplement by Ayurvedic medicine. Time to go Healthy!!!

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