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Jackfruit pappad / Chakka Pappadam Homemade

Jackfruit pappad / Chakka Pappadam Homemade

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Jackfruit is an exotic fruit grown in tropical regions which is available for a short period of 3-4 months. It is a distinctive smell and sweet taste which can be understood by Jackfruit lovers. It is very nutritious and is power house of various nutrients. Vegans and vegetarians use this fruit as meat substitute. Jackfruit has more or less all vitamins and lots of fibre. It is great for digestion. It has a fairly low glycemic index due to its fibre content.
Jackfruit is a versatile fruit and can be consumed in variety of ways such as the raw fruit for making sabzi, ripe fruit, fruit pulp for adding flavour to sweet dish, fruit preserve for Ada or payasam, fruit seed powder for diabetic patients and jackfruit Puttu podi. Also jackfruit pappadam is prepared during its season to get the benefit of this fruit all year long. This papad has sweet taste and made with jackfruit pulp, jeera, chilli flakes and black sesame seeds.

We at believe that the traditional and local fruits should be consumed abundantly and try our best to bring this traditional prepared cuisine to you at your doorstep.This can be used as tea snacks or as an accompaniment with rice and curry. We recommend that you order it to taste and enjoy the bliss!!

Approx 9 pieces. Weight 150gms

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