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Peepal tree leaf with flute - Photo frame

Peepal tree leaf with flute - Photo frame

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A "Thiru udayada" is a decorative item used in Kerala, India, primarily during festivals and religious ceremonies. It typically consists of a long, rectangular piece of cloth, often decorated with gold or other embellishments.


Primarily used during the auspicious occasion of Vishu, the Malayalam new year.

Also used for other festivals like Onam, puja ceremonies, and Janmashtami.

It is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune.


Traditionally made of cloth, although other materials like paper pulp are also used.

Decorated with various designs, often including gold or kasavu (golden thread) work.

Available in different sizes and colors.


During Vishu, the Thiru udayada is spread on the floor or a platform, and other auspicious items like Kani Konna flowers, fruits, vegetables, and an idol of Lord Krishna are arranged on it. This is known as the "Vishu Kani" and is believed to bring good luck for the entire year.

It can also be used as a decorative item in the pooja room or during traditional Hindu weddings.

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