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Homemade Tappiaco/ Kappa Pappadam

Homemade Tappiaco/ Kappa Pappadam

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Kappa pappadam is a variety of Papadum, from the South Indian state of Kerala. It derives its name from its main ingredient, Tapioca which is known as 'kappa' in Malayalam. Kappa pappadam is usually served as a snack or as an accompaniment to a rice based meal. 

It has a light brown colour with a slightly more thickness when compared to rice papad. Once fried in oil, it attains a fine crispy texture and has a unique flavour. Coarsely ground dried red chillies imparts a tinge of spicy flavour. The presence of black sesame seeds in this papad enhances the flavour and goes well with boiled rice. Since it has a bigger circular shape, it requires a large sized pan for frying.

Approx 15 pieces. Weight 100 gms

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