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Traditional Kathakali hanging home decor made of fibre

Traditional Kathakali hanging home decor made of fibre

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Size 40 ×30 cm. Made of Fibre. 

Kathakali masks are a vibrant and iconic representation of the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. These decorative masks, often used as wall hangings, are inspired by the Kathakali dance form, which is known for its elaborate costumes and expressive masks. They make for a stunning addition to home decor, bringing a touch of traditional Indian artistry to any space.You can find handcrafted masks made of different materials like fiber, wood, and even eco-friendly cardboard. Many of these masks are adorned with intricate details and sequins, adding to their allure. For a truly unique piece, you might consider a mask that's hand-painted. These masks not only serve as decorative pieces but also as a celebration of Kerala's artistic traditions.


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