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Unakkalari (250 gm)

Unakkalari (250 gm)

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Unakkalari, is a type of raw rice specific to Kerala, India. Here's the scoop on Unakkalari:

  •  Processing: It's a special kind of rice where the paddy (unhusked rice grain) keeps its bran layer intact. Unlike regular white rice, unakkalari doesn't go through the boiling step during processing. The paddy is cleaned, dried thoroughly in the shade, and then pounded to remove the husk, resulting in a reddish-brown colored rice.

  • Health Benefits: The presence of the bran layer makes unakkalari a rich source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids compared to white rice. It's traditionally considered to have disease-preventing qualities and is recommended during recovery from illness.

  • Culinary Uses: Unakkalari is known for its delicious taste and unique aroma, especially in sweet dishes. Here are some popular uses:

    • Payasam: This is a creamy rice pudding or kheer, a popular South Indian dessert. Unakkalari is particularly favored for making a flavorful and aromatic payasam.
    • Puttu: Steamed rice cakes are another popular breakfast item where unakkalari can be used.
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