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Vetiver/Ramacham Bath Scrubber

Vetiver/Ramacham Bath Scrubber

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Vetiver Bath Scrubber hand-made bath scrub made from pure Vetiver Grass is an effective anti-septic, very effective for Rheumatic patients, and beautifies skin. Traditionally known to be beneficial for pains circulations, its earthy aroma gives us a great grounding the emotions. This sweet, rich fragrance permeates the skin giving a cool and calming effect and masks body odors.

How to Use:
Before using the bath scrub dip in water. The function of this naturally scented bath-scrubber is not only to gently rub away skin's impurities – but also to relax tense muscles and stimulate circulation. After bathing with our bath-scrubber, the skin feels silky soft and rejuvenated. It soothes, stimulates and exfoliates your body and skin. After use, tap away excess water from the scrubber and hang to dry.

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